Werewolf footprint - adventure rogain in Sipoonkorppi 14.5.2016
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Info  about 14-th of May  event
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  • Address of event centre: Knutersintie 667, Helsinki, Soome, link ja coordinates: 60.281817, 25.195504 (või 60d 16' 54,541" pl ja 25d 11' 43,814" ip). Marking to event centre from Knutersintie. Use keyword "Degermossa" in Google Map for finding right way.
    NB! Do not use keyword "Sipoonkorpi",  it does not lead to the event centre.
  • Travel insurance is highly recommended to all estonian citizens or source  The European health insurance card (it is free, look at   For safety reasons first aid kid is suggested. Each team should have the mobile phone with loaded battery. Phone numbers of organisers are printed to the map.
  • The mandatory on the Viking XPRS is on the  7.deck nearby the Info desk. Before incoming to mandatory please acquaint yourself with necessary information on the wall. The maps will be divided at 9.00 in mandatory.
  • One special task can not perform with spikes. Task can be performed with non-spiked    shoes, barefoot or socks on
  • Competiton center and parking are in the same place in a sand/gravel field, but there are no tables and chairs, you can take with you your hiking chairs.
  • There are toilets in the competition center but not showers. Nearest place for a quick wash could be this (shower outside on the beach) or some other public beach:
    Other open air free beaches in Helsinki: .

  • Description about controls is downloadable from here 
  • Landscape is quite challenging, but the maps is detailed orienteering map .
  • Info about fobidden areas from link.
  • The competition will be held in the foreign country, so lets respect their laws, people and properties, do not leave any clippings to your footprints.

  •   Event "Libahundi Jälg"  - adventure rogain
     Saturday, 14.5.2016 at 10:00
    Sipoonkorpi, South Finland, near Helsinki/Sipoo/Vantaa
      Event centerabout 25km from Helsinki city center, exact information will be later
      Parking  In the event center
      Competition time  6 hours
      Classes  General and veterans (men, woman, mixed), young classes and family
     Map  Orienteering map, h = 5m
    Register time  Last cheapest deadline 4.5.2016