What is Werewolf Footprint?

Rogaining is a team sport of long distance cross-country navigation and enjoying. 
Since 2004 NGO Aktiivikeskus organizes Libahundi jälg/ Werewolf’s Footprint, the 5-8 hours rogain race in spring and autumn. The object of the competition is to score points within the time limit 5-8 hours by finding checkpoints located on the competition terrain.
The value of the checkpoints varies, depending on the difficulty and distance from the event centre, from 2 to 6, and is equal to the decimal place of the checkpoint number. In 4-6 special-checkpoints the teams have to do some team exercises or adventure and get for this up to 9 points. Checkpoints may be visited in any order (score orienteering).
Libahundi jälg/Werewolf´s Footprint  team is the only Estonian rogain-organizer, which has experience to make international rogains in unusual landscapes- in Estonian small islands and abroad- in Finland, Georgia, Armenia ..