Restricted areas and danger spots.
It’s forbidden to enter to the marked territory of private houses, summer cottages  and industrial areas. Some of  the roads in the area of the cottages which have closed gates, marked with red sign on the map. Also, do not run on cultivated fields and gardens.
Danger spots are mainly the traffic on the roads. The route of the ancient Maardu - Kallavere - Muuga Port is quite heavy traffic.
Open industry landscape  may have holes in the grass, hazardous construction debris, roughness, etc. The terrain is pretty steep on the hillsides. Be careful! 

The map
... is in the scale of 1: 22000 and is based on bike orienteering map.
The map is printed on waterproof material.


Bikers will compete with the same maps and pass through the same points that the runners. Therefore, not all points are available for cycling. It is necessary to follow all the rules of the road. We recommend (but not prohibit) not to use bike shoes, because depending on the choice of track there can be some control points which can reach only on foot. All exercise points are accessible to get there by bike.

Exercise- points
There Is one start-up task and 5 additional exercise- points on the landscape. All points will provide with successful task 8 points, distribution points are shown on the map. All exercise points have the judges. Exercise points can ignore some basic rules (for example, with the movement  together).
Mandatory equipment is lighter gloves (at least one member), suitable for cold weather clothing, waterproof packed mobile phone. The mobile phone is intended only for help calls.


Each competitor has its own SI-card which must be fastened  with, wrist ribbon before the start, and which must be in the same position until the end of the race.
NB! Each control points (KP 20 ... 69) required all team members SI-notation.
But in KP 81- 85 must mark ONLY ONE member of the team!
Different  exercise- points may mark different members of the team.

There are more than 50 control points + start exercise (KP 80) in the landscape. Start exercise written description is waiting for the competitors at the starting area, and they can be opened at the start .