Pakri peninsula 12.10.19

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Information about the competition 

The competition center at Pakri street 2, Paldiski, opens at 9.00- please dont come earlier!
The competition maps will be given at 10.00
Start to the running race at 11.00 and finish at 17.00
Start to the bike-race at 11.30 and finish at 16.30
The competition center is open all the day, you can leave your car keys and individual belongings there.

 The competition map is in scale 1: 25000, h 2.5m. The terrain has a total of 53 checkpoints. Passing all checkpoints and completing additional tasks will result in a total of 245 competition points, which requires about 40 km on the terrain. The maximum number of notes with one SI stick is 60. There is also a Hash House and one water-point on the race course. The lamp may be needed at some task points.

Parking is organized 100-200 m from the competition center. Marking for a parking lot in Rae Street in Paldiski. Please follow the directions of the parking organizers.

At the end of the competition: catering, showers and swimming will take place at Paldiski Sports Center-in the competition center. Please bring some replacement footwear for moving around the house - muddy socks also make the floor very dirty!

Swimming enthusiasts are welcome to bring swimwear, hats and towels.

The award ceremony will take place at approximately 18.00. Winners of the spring stage will be awarded first, followed by the top three teams of all competition classes in the autumn stage (excl. Hiking class).

In DD55, HD55, RODD and JJ19, only the winning team will be awarded.

 As an environmental friendly, we ask you to bring your own personalized dishes: a bowl, a mug and a spoon, which everyone takes with them when used.

The safety-pins for attaching the breast numbers are also taken by each competitor!

One task point requires a smartphone to take pictures and use as a lamp.

The team should have at least one pair of working gloves that are not afraid of getting dirty!

Please be very careful when moving on the seashores bank, there are some places that are at risk of collapse!

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